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“Stary Surgut” historical and cultural center

“Stary Surgut” historical and cultural center is the only historical and ethnographic complex in the city with a  wooden architecture of the XIX-XX centuries. One can get familiar with the way the Cossacks lived, see the family tree of old Cossack’s lived in Surgut, a model of Surgut burg built at the end of the 16th century, and Cossack’s uniforms in the complex.

At the center there is a permanent exposition “Ugric peoples’ cultural heritage”, “The way the Khanty and the Mansi lived”, “Legends and myths of the Northern land”, etc. There is a House of Arts and Drafts. One can see a craft producer where experienced artists and craftsmen have been working.


Addresses and telephones:

2 Energetikov St., city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi autonomous region.

Tel:+7 (3462) 24-77-59, 28-17-44


“Klepikovs' merchant manor” museum

“Klepikovs' merchant manor” museum is in the house belonged to merchant A.G. Klepikov. The house is the monument of architecture of XIX-XX centuries, the only monument of architecture in Surgut of this period remained in the original at his historical place. Galaktion Klepikov who build the house remained in history not only for his business acumen. He was a busy man and took an active part in social life of the city: once he was elected as a head of urban public administration and an honorary magistrate. Klepikov was a trustee in Surgut men’s college and financed both the college and the students during 20 years. More over, he was an active member of the Tobolsk governorate of the museum. The house exposition shows merchant life. There are archive materials of some important facts of our city in Klepikov’s study. One can see unique objects in the halls: a fine screen and children's handmade toys, foreign furniture and accessories that contribute to the immersion in the material and spiritual culture of the prosperous population of Surgut in the late XIX - early XX centuries. There are more 300 objects, which show life and  culture of a wealthy Russian-speaking population of Surgut in the late XIX – early XX centuries in the museum complex.


Addresses and telephones:

7 Prosveschenya St., city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi autonomous region.

Tel: +7 (3462) 28-18-80, 51-68-04




Surgut Big Ben is almost an exact copy of ф famous English clock tower. Now it is a foreign languages school. The school built like the English Big Ben, appeared in Surgut in 2004. It was Evgeny Vyacheslavovich Barsov who was the author of the idea. He was a  general manager of “Sugutstroytrest” LLC. Inside the building, one can feel the spirit of an old England. There is no such a copy in the world. The clock is almost three times less than the original; the rest is virtually identical. English masters made a dial with gilded hands and nowadays it shows the exact time in Surgut. The Gothic style windows are stained glassed  from Ekaterinburg.


Addresses and telephones:

8 Ostrovskogo St., city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi autonomous region.

Tel: +7 (3462) 51-66-57



The Surgut bridge is a wire-bridge, one of the longest Siberian bridges. The bridge became one of the biggest transport project in Russia in the XX century.  It is the largest in the world. The central span (about 408 m) is supported by a 150 meters height single pylon. The bridge is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as one with the longest central span which supports a single pylon. The idea was to erect a international standard bridge using domestic materials, equipment, technology, facilities and qualified staff. It was decided to span the water way with cable-stayed bridge spanned joint; the rest of the river was planned to be joint with two continuous girder spans. The scheme of the beam part of the bridge was chosen so that the feet of the new bridge were located in the target supports the existing railway bridge.


Adresses and telephones:

Town of Nefteyugansk-Surgut, Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.



The Transfiguration Church is the main church in Surgut and one of the most beautiful churches in Khanty-Mansi district. A picturesque place near the river was chosen for the construction. Cedars from the Altai planted near.


Addresses and telephones:

76 Melik-Karamova St., city of |Surgut, Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.

Tel: (3462) 26-85-86



Surgut cathedral mosque is the first mosque in the district. Specialists from cities of Ufa and Naberezhny Chelny painted the prayer hall. To complete the construction people collected donation. It was carried out during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan when the Muslims dispense charity.


Addresses and telephones:

1 Naberezhny Av., city of Surgut,  Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.



Surgut local history museum was built in November 30, 1963 as a public principle museum. It is one of the oldest city cultural institutions of local history. Nowadays the museum is called the city museum and is funded by city budget. In 1999 the museum was transferred to“Muzeiny center” at 30 Let Pobedy St. There is a cultural and communication center on the first floor. Hi-tech atmosphere symbolizes and emphasizes the image of the city as a fast developing industrial and cultural center. The museum, like any other, is based on city funds. The funds calculate more than 52 000 units, more than 20 museum collections. Many of them and the most unique are concerning archeology, the Khanty ethnography, entomology, manuscripts and early printed books and icons. The largest one is an archaeological collection with 6157 storage units of the main fund. The excavations were carried out at the largest archaeological complex - Barsova Gora by Ural University.


Addresses and telephones:

21/30 |Let Pobedy, city of Surgut,  Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.

Tel: +7 (3462) 51-68-02, 51-68-04



The monument to Surgut founders was erected in the very center of Surgut in 2002. Knyaz Fedor Boryatinsky, waywode Vladimir Anichkov, an anonymous priest and a Cossack carpenter were carved from bronze. The first two people were known as they came to Western Siberia  “to built the city of Surgut” by decree of the czarist. It was ataman Ermak  and the cossacks  who captured Siberia. More over Cossack carpenters built the city and for this reason the fourth monument is a Cossack. The priest is the symbol of Orthodoxy spread to Yugra. The height of the monument is 15 meters.


Addresses and telephones:

Lenina St., city of Surgut,  Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.

Tel: +7 (3462) 26-85-86



Park behind the Saima is a quiet romantic place. Nowadays people do sport the year around, go skiing in winter, go roller blading and cycling in summer. They walk in the park and enjoy nature and poultry, sit by the river, feed squirrels and enjoy birds' singing.

The park is in the central living area and bordered from Universitetskaya St. in the North of the city, Proletarky St. in the East, the Saima armlet in the West and the South. The square is 65 ha.

The park is very beautiful. Many poets are inspired by its beauty. There are playgrounds and amusements. There are places for rest, hiking and roller blading.


Addresses and telephones:

City of Surgut,  Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.



State State University theater  was opened in June 2005 and festival of symphonic music “Euroorchestra 2005”  was held in August that year. Many different creative people worked there: youth and student creative teams, Club of the Funny and Inventive, renowned musicians, poets. People could see and listen to Dmitry Sukharev and Alexander Gorodnitsky, Igor Moiseev's folk dance group,  concert, Yriy Temirkanov's orchestra, participate in International Jazz Festival. There is no doubt that many people  from Department of Culture, Youth Politics and Sport Administration, Surgut Philharmonic Hall, city art song club worked on these great events. The theater is open for brave ideas and great projects.


Addresses and telephones:

1 Lenina Av., city of Surgut,  Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.



Surgut Philharmonic hall was founded in January 4, 2003 within the limits of “Development of Culture and Arts in the city of Surgut in 2003-2005”.

The main areas of activity are: Surgut professional collective concert programs in instrumental and choral arts, popularization of Russian folk music best examples, classical and modern authors, educational activity among children and youth, organization of tours of outstanding musicians and artists. More over the Philharmonic Hall work on aesthetic education of children and adolescence.

Surgut people have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the best examples of Russian and foreign arts.



 One can define the mission of Museum of Man and Nature n.a. A.P. Yadroshnikov in Russkinskaya village by two sentences: “Keeping safe natural and cultural heritage of Trom-Aganskaya terrain for future generation” and “Feeling respect and love to history, nature and people of Yugra through the knowledge”.

It was Yadroshnikov A.P. who founded the museum. He was an enthusiast and a taxidermist amateur. He wanted to show the uniqueness of Yugra natural and cultural heritage.

Our museum is the only museum which demonstrates how rich our animal world is and shows a cultural heritage of Trom-Agansk local eastern Khanty. The main idea is  a combination of nature and traditional culture of the Khanty.

The exhibition complex is located so that it corresponds to  the traditional philosophic perception: “Nature- a person- nature”.

There are rich and great collections concerning the history and nature of our district, a greater part participated in permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The museum funds are a good basis to carry out a research work, to get a new knowledge about   Khanty and Russian traditional culture and Surgut Ob' fauna.

Nowadays there are 4277 storage units in the museum.  The museum is divided to 11 funds according to materials and items. The museum holds stationary and temporary exhibitions based on the most interesting assets (up to 6-8 exhibitions each year). For many years the museum participates in the exhibition activity, thereby popularizing the nature and culture of Surgut region and Yugra in whole.

Please come and visit permanent exhibitions:

“Nature of Surgut Ob'”, “Trom-Agansk Khanty people's traditional culture”, Museum Park “Khanty camp”.


Addresses and telephones:

28 Russkinskikh St.,  Russkinskaya village,  Surgut region,  Khanty-Mansi autonomous district (Surgut-Noyabrsk main road).

Tel: (3462) 73-79-49



“Kamenny Mys” mountain-skiing complex is opened since 2001. The complex is very popular among adventure travelers from Khanty-Mansi autonomous district thanks to its good location, good slopes and high service.

There are slopes of different difficulty and a slope for beginners and snowboarders. The slopes are lighted in the evening, there are operating lifts and all necessary equipment, qualified instructors are always ready to help the newcomers.

The slopes are regularly treated with snow grooming equipment, there is also a system of artificial snow.  For one's safety there is  a system of audio-warning and self-rescue service.

You may skate on tubings, there is a playground and a steam room. Please relax and have a snack at the “Kolyba” coffee-room, and enjoy a great choice of food and good relaxing atmosphere. 

For those who wish to stay for a few days we may offer a guest house “Rus” designed in the style of Russian log hut.

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